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Many young people today are finding it increasingly difficult to make sense of the changing world around them. When you throw faith into the mix, it certainly proves no less difficult.

A little background: I was Born in Brooklyn in the mid ’90s and continue to live in New York City when I’m not away at university. My every growing list of interests includes everything from government to hiking to healthy living to business to faith.

I like to approach life from a perspective that merges trending sentiment with old school thought. We need to be “forward-thinking” but should never abandon what got us here. This relates to everything from my tastes in music, to how I write, to my photography, to how I brush my teeth in the morning (ok, not really that last one).

Ever the romantic, I enjoy writing, pondering life, getting into nature, and sharing my experiences with others. I am very attracted to the holistic aspect of the Christian life and maintaining balance between all things the adventure of life brings my way.

You can check out my recent book Discovering Justice, which takes a look at the modern notions of justice in society and contrasts them against the historical Judeo-Christian framework.
Also, I’m currently working on a photo project that documents New York City from a nontraditional perspective. (You can stay up-to-date on this journey by following @real_ny_ on Instagram.)